Vigraha Gallery



  • 115 E. Goodwin St Suite E
  • Prescott
  • AZ
  • 86303

Setting foot inside Vigraha Gallery, you are immediately struck by the light and color, the soothing yellow walls and natural earthen floors, both clay and wood. There is a quality of having entered a timeless place. The feeling of being greeted by magical presences with their lightness of being slowly smiles into awareness. Many faces here, sublimely expressive, await your viewing.

Where to gaze first? What draws your attention the most? There is the dancing 14th century sandstone Ganesha, bestowing blessings from his alcove. There are the antique wooden Tibetan cabinets painted with dynamic characters. There are the mounted tribal warriors, riding their elephants and horses in bronze.

Without a doubt, the mythic presence of the fine art from magical places engages you as you linger, piece to piece. You notice in some, exquisite beauty of form and rarity of presence; the smoothness of bronze Shivas, Vishnus, Hanumans, Radha/Krishnas, SitaRams and more, easing the roughness of the day. In some, your are taken aback by the radiance of transcendental beauty; a stream pouring forth from a large alabaster Buddha.

Proceeding more deeply into the gallery, you notice that your senses have become more than heightened; it is as if your perceptions themselves are drawn into a world that is here but only more so. The longer you stay the more you want to! This living art does exactly that which real art must do: lift you from the mundane and transport you into the highest and noblest realms of human experience itself.

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