Things To Do in Prescott, Arizona

Things to do in Prescott, AZ. are all showcased here by the City of Prescott as the Official Tourism Site.

Book your vacation or next trip to visit Prescott, Arizona with all the discounts, special deals, and pricing found right here for booking hotels, lodging, restaurants, golfing, shopping, commercial flights and numerous outdoor activities.

From fine dining to mountain biking, you’ll be awed by the hometown atmosphere, perfect weather, and a myriad of things to do in Prescott, Arizona.

Prescott is known worldwide as the host of the World’s Oldest Rodeo and most recently now the host of the annual Whiskey Off-Road Mountain Bike endurance race, the largest competitive mountain bike race in North America.

Prescott is also a well known destination for special events, business conventions, and picturesque weddings.  Book your next event and trip to Prescott, Arizona!

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